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Volcanic Productions

In addition to the coworking with other companies, Volcanic also creates its own events. Sports and music festivals, beach or pool parties, electronic, rock or acoustic music, diversion,…

Volcanic is a life style brand, a mentor who links music and sport in the island, a mix of cultures that connects different age people, natives and tourists, in events that benefit of exclusive places, always taking care of the quality and claiming a different atmosphere.

Volcanic Sundays, Volcanic Rock, Volcanic Deluxe, Volcanic Night, Volcanic Full Moon, MacaroVolcanic….

Always with a new ideology, but never forgetting its essence based on the absolute diversion, surprise and live show, with a deep studied form that join the fun with the quality and the music, creating unique events in an exclusive and new atmosphere.

  • VOLCANIC Sundays
  • VOLCANIC Festival
  • VOLCANIC …….

Volcanic Events Fuerteventura

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